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Society of Mary



Theme and Logo for the Chapter

Proposed Theme of the XXXV GENERAL CHAPTER

The General Leadership Assembly of 2015, during its discussion of the upcoming Chapter, indicated orientations for the Chapter.  These were discussed in Fr. Cortés' Circular.  In keeping with these inclinations, we have chosen as a motto for the Chapter the words of our Founder: "A man who shall never die."  (The Chaminade Legacy Vol 1., Doc. 154, 6th Question).  In doing so, we acknowledge that our Society faces many challenges as it looks towards the future in order to preserve and strengthen our religious identity and mission in the Church and in the world.  All of us, not only capitulants must accept the responsibility to make the SM that "man who shall never die."  The General Chapter, as the highest authority of our Institute, has a particularly important role to play in this process.


Logo for the Chapter

In order to reflect the theme indicated above, in a graphic manner, we asked Bro. Rogelio Nuñez, SM, of the Province of Spain, to propose a logo for the Chapter.  We are grateful, and very pleased with what he has provided.  We introduce it here to you, for the first time.  For a more detailed explanation of its elements and symbols CLICK HERE.