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The MIV  was created in 2002 by the World Council of the Marianist Family with the main goal of publicizing and exchanging
information about Marianist Volunteers around the world.

The MIV centralizes all the information about:

Marianist Volunteer Programs :

Description of each program and permanent communication with its directors.

Current Marianist Volunteers:

Stories of current Marianist volunteers.

Former Marianist Volunteers:

Stories of previous voluntary experiences in some of the current Marianist volunteer programs.

Prospective Volunteers:

Counseling, support and networking with programs directors and with Marianist volunteers.

Some Marianist Volunteer Placements:

  • Albania: Youth ministry and NGO works (Printing)
  • Argentina: Pastoral and Human promotion work with the poor
  • Bangladesh: IIRD: Integral Institute of Rural Development
  • Chile: Pastoral and Human promotion with the poor
  • Ecuador: Casa Campesina: homeless shelter for peasants
  • Guatemala: Las Conchas: Education and Pastoral Work with native Guatemalans
  • India: REDS program: Minority and education
  • Kenya:  IMANI program of Education and Rural Development
  • Mexico: DECAMP: Rural Development Program
  • Peru: El Callao: Training Programs for adults
  • Peru: Otuzco: Pastoral agents and Small Faith Communities, Mass Media
  • Togo:   Education in rural setting
  • USA: Marianist Volunteers Program (MVP) in Texas , Ohio , New York and Missouri

For further information about Marianist Volunteers’ experiences around the world, visit our web page www.marianist.org

Marianist Volunteers 

General Characteristics of Marianist Volunteers:

Marianist Volunteers are called to leave their place of origin to do a term of full-time service in areas of pastoral work or
human promotion during a pre-determined period of time. Volunteers work for parishes, schools, NGOs, etc. and they
receive permanent support from the local Marianist Family.

Specific Characteristics of Marianist Volunteers:

Previous Preparation: Necessary discernment process with spiritual counseling, and with the support of the MIV and of other
Marianist volunteers.


·        Minimum age: 21 (some programs accept volunteers over 18)

·        Very good command of the local language

·        Previous experiences of service or mission

·        Skills or profession relevant to the local needs

·        Letters of Recommendation

Term of Service: From 6 months to a year, renewable to two.

Types of Placement: Some Marianist Volunteers work in pastoral areas (catechism, liturgy, evangelization, community leadership),
others in human promotion (urban or rural development, education, health, case work, mediation) or in both, depending on the real
needs of the place where volunteers serve. In general, volunteers work in areas related to their fields.

Community Life: Marianist Volunteers may live in community with other volunteers of their same program, with volunteers of other
programs, or with lay people or local families.

Marianist Support: There is always Marianist presence (lay or religious) in the community that hosts volunteers, to accompany and
support them throughout their experience.

For further information, contact the MIV coordination:

Coordinator:  Mr. José Luis Pérez

Mailing Address: Lautaro 65 PB “C” (1406) Buenos Aires, Argentina

E-mail Address: joseluisperez@sinectis.com.ar

Phone: (5411) 4631-6831

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